X vs Z 1: Hello, Can I Get a Ride to Muu Muu Land?

In today's debut audio adventure, we examine Adele's new smash hit "Hello," and we time travel back to the amazing year 1991/92 for KLF's "Justified and Ancient (featuring Tammy Wynette)." Big Edie manages to get eight minutes in before declaring "when I was your age." This is followed by some casual conversation.

When we get to "Hello," you can watch along here if you like:

KLF, "Justified and Ancient":

Topics covered include:

  • eyebrows that match one's eyeliner
  • Little Edie has a reverie about Prince being her real father
  • 90s rave culture and multicultural appropriation
  • AfterSchool App
  • Get off my internets
  • The Huichol People
  • The personal story of growing up in a cult from That's Deep Bro
  • Yelling at bicyclists
  • Career angst
  • Being afraid of teenagers
  • Little Edie reppin' for Ariel
  • emotie vs emoji
  • Thanksgiving

Show notes:

  • There's a bit of a hum starting around 12:00 and we are working on tuning up our audio quality as we go, please bear with us
  • Big Edie references not having a DVD player in high school, but of course meant a CD player